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Success 101 For Teens!

Welcome to the home on the Web for author and speaker Mark Hansen. I am the author of Success 101 for Teens: 7 Traits for a Winning Life, as well as Success 101 for Teens: Dollars and $ense for a Winning Financial Life. I speak regularly to teens and students of all ages about success principles—and shooting for the stars. I’m also finishing the writing of a new book designed to help parents of teens navigate the sometimes topsy-turvy adolescent years.

Mark Hansen has an extensive entrepreneurial background with his first speech given back in 1991, to a group of middle school students.  Since then Mark has appeared on radio, television, has given over 2,000 speeches and has written several books!
“Success 101 For Teens: Dollars And $ense For A Winning Financial Life”
“Success 101 For Teens: 7 Traits For A Winning Life” and
“An Ark for Learning” which was used in numerous middle schools as a learning guide for students and teachers.

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